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We will carry out a thorough no obligation consultation and give you all your options for replacing any missing teeth.

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We don’t charge for all the little things. After you’ve had your implants placed we’ll see your treatment to the end with review appointments

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If you go ahead with treatment we will take off the cost of any 3D scan from your treatment up to £150

Free Nightguard

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Protect your implants (and teeth) with a free night guard (subject to clinical suitability) helping them last longer.

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FREE Routine Treatment for Children until their
18th Birthday

* Terms and Fair Usage Conditions Apply

At Gidea Park Dental Practice, we have never underestimated the importance of promoting good oral health for everyone and in particular, our younger patients. Healthy teeth enable children to bite and chew food properly, develop their speech and language and feel confident when they smile. Healthy teeth and gums significantly contribute to their overall health and well-being as well. Tooth decay is largely preventable. Keeping sugary and acidic food and drinks to mealtimes, brushing teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and visiting the dentist regularly; these are good habits and when started young, can last a lifetime. As part of our dedication to service, we are delighted to provide our registered patients’ children with free routine dental treatment up until they reach their 18th Birthday.

Terms Conditions and Fair Usage Policy

Infants and Toddlers

We encourage parents when attending for a check-up to bring their infant with them soon after their first milk teeth appear. This will familiarise your infant with the surroundings and help them get to know our staff and their dentist. Seen regularly, by the age of 3 years old, most children will enjoy visiting the dentist. They will have a ride in the chair, the dentist will count their teeth and at the end of their visit, they will choose a sticker to take home.

Young children and teenagers


Your child’s first check-up at our practice is chargeable along with any associated treatment required. Children’s deciduous (baby teeth) fillings are charged at half the price of an adult filling. Children’s permanent teeth fillings are charged the same as adult fee. Any proposed treatment must be completed, paid for and your child dentally fit. Thereafter, you and your child must attend for check-ups every six months in order for your child to qualify for FREE ROUTINE TREATMENT UP UNTIL THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY. * Treatment appointments for children are booked between 9.30am – 3.30pm.


The first check-up for your child thereafter and any treatment required is chargeable. After that they will re-qualify for free treatment up until their 18th birthday provided a parent and child attend every six months. *You will be advised by your dentist if a different timescale of appointments is recommended as being more beneficial to you or your child.

What’s Included:

A parent must complete all outstanding treatment and have regular six-monthly check-ups with their child, to enable their child to qualify for free
routine dental treatment.

Fair Usage – typically includes:
• 2 examinations, up to 4 fillings per year and 1 simple clean within an examination appointment if recommended by your dentist.
• Orthodontic extractions are ‘free’ and not included in the yearly allowance.

Additional treatment and/or disagreement about our TERMS & CONDITIONS will be referred to the Practice Principal, Mr. Abid Abdulkhaliq for clarification of the Terms & Conditions and/or resolution.

To avoid any misunderstandings – please ask any member of our team if you require any further information about our Terms, Conditions and Fair Usage Policy, so they are fully understood.